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We wish to inform the community of Johnson Woods owners of a change in the status of the Property Management Committee (PMC), as of Fall of 2019 to a new role as the Property Management Oversight Committee (PMOC). With our change in focus, we expect the PMOC will be better able to support the interests of us, the owners of Johnson Woods.

For the last 2 years, with Larry Healey as our Chair, the PMC has operated as an adjunct to Glover Property Management, the management company hired by the Trustee, Ted Moore. In this role, the PMC assumed a portion of the budgetary and operational responsibilities of Johnson Woods, in order to learn all we could in preparation for ultimate owner governance of the community.

In July, Larry Healey resigned from the PMC. The remaining members have transitioned to the Property Management Oversight Committee (PMOC). The members of the PMOC: Andrea Berry, Beth Mosier, Jeff Howard, Gina Healy, Brian Sheehan and Ted Moore will continue to meet and consult with us as we go forward. From now on, the PMOC will accept no direct budgetary, or operational responsibilities; we maintain that those responsibilities should remain with Glover Property Management. However, as part of our oversight role, we will monitor overall financial performance on a periodic basis, and provide input where appropriate.

Since management fees are paid to Glover Property Management by the owners through our condominium fees, it is appropriate that we hold them accountable for meeting all the property management requirements of the community, to our satisfaction. Going forward, the PMOC will monitor their operations and work to ensure that we, the owners, are satisfied with the services provided.

At future owners meetings, the PMOC will report to the community on our review, including concerns and recommendations to the Trustee regarding financial performance and site operations, and responsiveness to owner maintenance requests.

The Members of the PMOC



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